Sublimation Starter Kit

Sublimation Starter Kit

Watch the full video to learn how to convert your sublimation printer. 

Epson WF Printers 

Epson ET Printers 

1.) Heat Press  

15 x 15  

15 x15 swing away with attachments

If you don’t have space for a large heat press Cricut Easy press 2 is a great alternative 

Heat gloves  

These are optional but a good idea 

2.) Printer 

Recommended Sublimation printers (link to convert your printer is above)  

The first few printers are hard to find I suggest looking at multiple places and setting in stock alerts. Most of these store's stock these items early in the morning around 12-3 am. 

For my newbies, for sublimation, you do not have to use an eco-tank (ET) printer. If your budget allows for it go for it because it doesn’t use cartridges so easier to add ink. But if not or you're not looking to spend that much upfront. The Epson WF printers are a good alternative and much cheaper. 

I also don’t have a complete and extensive list of all the Epson printers you can use. Generally, if you can find empty cartridges for them it will work minus any Epson XP printers. Join my blanks group to ask questions about specific printers. 


Epson Wf 7210 

Max Print Area: 13” x 19” 

Recommended place to buy: Office Depot, Epson 

Epson Wf 7710 -7720 

Max Print Area: 13” x 19” 

Recommended place to buy: Office Depot, Epson 

Epson ET-15000 

Eco tank Based 

Max Print Area: 13”x19” 

Recommended place to buy: Best Buy with warranty 

Epson ET-16600 

Eco tank Based 

Max Print Area: 13”x19” 

Recommended place to buy: Best Buy with warranty 

Epson ET-2760 

Eco tank Based 

Max Print Area: 8.5”x14” 

Recommended place to buy: Best Buy with warranty 

Epson ET-8550

Eco tank Based 

Max Print Area: 13”x19” 


Recommended place to buy:  

(goes in and out of stock make sure you are purchasing from amazon and not a 3rd party seller)


Sawgrass SG500 or SG400 

Cartridge Based 

Max Print Area 8.5”x14” 

Sawgrass SG1000 or SG800 

Cartridge Based 

Max Print Area: 11”x17” (13”x19” if you purchase proper attachment) 


3.)Sublimation ink 

Cosmos ink 

Printer’s Jack 


4.) Sublimation paper 

A-SUB Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inches for Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink 110 Sheets Letter 

Size 11x17 A-SUB PAPER 

A-SUB Sublimation Paper 13X19 Inches for All Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink 110 


5.) Heat tape-Amazon 

Heat tape dispenser 


6.) Sublimation Blanks 

Facebook group 


7.) Butcher Paper  

You can also purchase wax free parchment paper, use copy paper, or any cheaper alternative 



Sam's Club


8.) Dollar Tree items for Practice

There are different versions of these items so make sure they have 50% of polyester or more)

Here is a TikTok showing pictures of some of the items below. while you are there follow me.

  1. Sequin Flip Christmas Stocking (seasonal)
  2. Sequin Flip Pillow
  3. Pot Holders, oven mitts, and Dish Mat 
  4. Baby blanket, Bibs, Socks 
  5. Car Towel (hardware section) 
  6. Dry erase board 
  7. Pillow Cases 
  8. Table Runner. Placemats 
  9. T-shirts (select stores mostly kid's sizes and adults medium and under) 
  10. Notebooks (glitter and non-plastic ones) 
  11. Toilet paper (for gag gift) 
  12. Glitter vinyl paper 
  13. Slippers 
  14. Playing cards 
  15. Wooden frames 
  16. White metal buckets 
  17. Ribbon
  18. Artificial Flowers
  19. Tissue paper 
  20. Pillows ($ and beyond section)


                                  9.) Cutting Machine 

                                  Not required but always a plus to offer more services like vinyl shirts and other projects with both iron on and permanent vinyl and to help once you get advanced in sublimation. I will say that Cricut vinyl is expensive you can’t use coupons and you don’t get the value of what you’re paying for. I suggest siser htv and oracal adhesive if you need to purchase in a store like Michaels, Joann's, or Walmart. These brands can also be brought from authorized sellers and you sometimes get 2 times what you would in store for the same price or less. 






                                  Cuts up to 24 inches in width 



                                  10.) Tumblers and Mugs Presses 

                                  Cricut Mug Press 



                                  Convection Ovens to use for tumblers and mugs 

                                  Any convection oven can be used I like wide capacity because tumblers can stand up. But it will still work fine if you have to lay them down. 







                                  1.) Thank you for your Support. in order to keep the information low in cost for you and for future crafters looking to start sublimation some links above may give me a small commission " As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases".

                                  2.) If this information was helpful for you please consider leaving a review or posting a comment below. You should receive a separate email asking you to review once you do you should receive a coupon for your next purchase on my website. This is especially helpful for sublimation blanks.

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